Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Garden Critters Good and Bad

Experienced Florida gardeners told me that things die down in the heat of Florida summer. They also told me that garden pests thrive in summer. Now I know what they mean!

I'm discovering army caterpillars have made the beautiful large amaranth leaves into large lacy
amaranth leaves. Now they've moved to my grape tomatoes. Some of the zucchinis have blossom end rot but there are some still thriving despite the unusual high 90 degree heat.
Some other bug is eating some of the bean leaves, but they are still producing, though more slowly.

But then, I'm seeing several varieties of butterflies around the butterfly bushes and the marigolds. Now I need to learn more about butterflies too.

When I return from Massachusetts the third week of July, I wonder what state my garden will be in. Little did I realize when I started all this that I'd feel so responsible for all the tender young plants. They will get irrigated regularly, but as Denise said "nature has been here long before we were here", so I guess I'll let mother nature take her course.

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