Thursday, June 4, 2009

Before: a suburban yard

I never thought I would ever be a gardener.

But moving to Florida changed all that.  Perhaps the gleam was in the back of my mind when I chose a house on a sunny fenced in corner lot.  Maybe it was the increasing food prices.  Perhaps it was having more time in retirement. 

But here I am, a garden-tender of a three-month-old garden.  Believe me, it's a learning experience.

I'll start with the beginning: a house, a yard, and a few pine trees.  Expanses of St. Augustine sod, that required watering, mowing, fertilizing with chemicals and pesticides.  Good-bye to all that grass maintenance.

Hello to planting, organically fertilizing, weeding, harvesting.  Far more interesting. (well, not the weeding.)  But I'm ahead of myself.

Above is a "before" pictures of our back yard.  Below this post, you can see the changes - raised vegetable garden beds and lots of mulch!

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